IKOS is a dynamic company that designs, develops and produces gas, wood and biomass heating equipment. The people behind our brand are professionals highly qualified staff with more than 20 years of experience in the area of development and production of equipment in this sector. Our know-how allows us to present products that match your needs.


Designers, architects and engineers work together to achieve the best quality commitment to our products. At IKOS, the development process incorporates aspects such as form, function, production, costs, sales, sustainability, durability, reuse and use experience. We design our products with the focus on you, in order to have total control and guarantee exceptional performance and results day after day.


In IKOS technological process innovation is characterized by new or significantly improved production methods, including the mode of delivery of the products. Such methods may involve changes in the equipment or organization of production or a combination of those changes, and may derive from the use of new knowledge. Innovation does not stop, there are no limits and we will never stop improving our products and exceeding your expectations.


We know how to combine the advantages of craftsmanship with the work of state- of-the-art precision machines that transpose to our products the highest quality standards.


In IKOS the simplicity and clarity of the products lead us to the concept of good design, minimalism as the reduction of the object at the most basic level and stripped of excesses, it is also true that this current seeks to improve and discover the true spirit of the object, giving a current style that reveals its beauty through function/form as well as the apparent dispossession of superfluous element.

The market trend of recent years in our business area, in most cases is the preference for cheaper and lower priced products, to the detriment of the best design and quality of construction.

For the IKOS brand it is clear that the only way to grow in a sustainable way is to continuously improve the excellence of our equipments, innovate and work with a network of trusted representatives and professionals who share our philosophy.

We look for partners who perceive and identify with this business culture. Our commitment to these is the continuous improvement in the quality of materials, the technology of our products as well as the services we provide. Our equipment is built to work over a long period of time to benefit our brand and our customers, but more importantly to protect the reputation of our partners.

Our commitment to continuous improvement of our products begins with our suppliers. We work with industry-leading suppliers to produce them and it is here that the quality process begins, summing up all the materials, processes and rigor that we incorporate into the level of our machines.


As part of the quality philosophy we stand for, investing in higher quality metal is the most important element when producing our heating equipment.

Using boiler sheet metal P265GH is the cornerstone of the IKOS quality commitment to our partners. The type of sheet metal we work with has more than double the cost of normal sheet metal.

We believe that providing our partners with products that will not corrode or deform is the minimum required standard, this is why we choose it.


After the metal, the next step is to shape it, cutting, bending and welding. Technology matters in these processes and having the latest technology available in the industry surely makes the difference. The precision of the fitting and welding can make a huge impact on the body structure of the fireplace integrity and durability. For example using a combination of robotic welding and holding jigs ensures that there is a consistency in the position and strength of the metal connections.

Our painting line includes a de-greasing and pre-treatment process by Chemetall©. This process uses nanotechnology to apply a seven-step anti-corrosive treatment that improves the stability of the later applied paint, either it is powder or high temperature liquid paint. The final result is greater protection for the metal and also an excellent finishing.

Neoceram glass is a product of Nippon Electric Glass, from Japan. Neoceram is a ceramic glass with high temperature resistance properties of up to 750ºC. With over 100 years of experience, Nippon is at the industry forefront in regards to quality and finishing.

Maintenance and servicing of the fireplace often require some parts to be serviced by fastening and unfastening screws, it is common that after being exposed to intense heat screws and fasteners can become corroded over time. All IKOS products use passivated screws and fasteners that protect from such corrosion ensuring that service and maintenance can be easily performed for many years.

Fergas is a Swedish company with more than 65 years of experience in manufacturing of ventilators. Their advanced technology production processes result in a reliable and balanced ventilator. Low consumption and silence is also a benefit and makes them ideal for use in inserts.

Deflectors are very often made out of metal, this results in a part of the fireplace being exposed directly over the flame. In many cases, this means the deflector must be replaced after only one or two seasons of use, with a cost of the actual deflector but also the service cost. IKOS uses for all INTRA and INTRA S models, a deflector made from SKAMOLEX GOLD which is a highly resistant material with increased strength and durability.

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